Anna Gabriella Herrera Caverzan – WhatsArt 4th Artist in Residence

In collaboration with What’s Art Collective Betahaus has opened the 4th edition of What’s Art Residence program. And this time the artist and creator who will be stepping into Betahaus to create an unforgettable piece of art is also one of the original collaborators and artists of What’s Art Collective here in Barcelona. Anna Gabriella Herrera Caverzan – also known as @randomlovers  is entering this 6-month residency at Betahaus full of creative ideas and inspiring energy.

When focusing on her fine art career and working on her portfolio, in the production of art Anna involves a wide range of mediums: oil on canvas, mixed media, digital illustration, even lithography. She is a multidisciplinary artist, interested in design and fashion, as seen in her still on-going university project Hola Don Pepito.

Anna’s artworks can be seen all around Barcelona and not only, so we are happy to welcome her as a creative into this international coworking space in Gracia, Barcelona. She will strive to create a proposal for a transformative mural for the 1st floor of Betahaus, using her unique artistic approach and creative vision.[/vc_column_text]

Being a lover of Dalí and Picasso, Anna is an artist that finds inspiration in such Art History movements as Cubism, Expressionism, and Symbolism, and will also build bridges between her art and a certain Spanish artist in the creation of this particular mural. Which one? That we will keep as a secret for now.

Creative, passionate and fun – just a few words to describe Anna and her oeuvre. Her artistic proposal is highly attached to the constant creation and exploration of different techniques. To Anna art is a constant research of inspiration and creativity, which makes her artistic productions diverse and composed of different forms of expression.

As one of What’s Art Collective’s artists, Anna has participated in many different projects, creative workshops and has been a part of the collective creation of What’s Art’s 1rs residence program. What’s Art Collective is the first initiative in Spain that explores the conflicts of the “creative soul”. It urges artists to create a cultural debate and educate society through workshops, talks and other practices. What’s Art Collective’s mission is to take artists out of their comfort zone to identify problems that can be solved through creativity.

Anna is a Venezuelan creator based in Barcelona with an active community on Instagram and a talent that touches everybody around her. Anna is a painter. With her fun lines and vivid colors, she attracts the youngest and most art-sensitive public; however, her savoir-faire and intellectual content attracts the most prestigious collectors. Anna Herrera is a true artist, a creator, who sees the perfect compositional balance between form and content. And we are excited to see how she will transform the workspace of Betahaus.

Betahaus is a home for entrepreneurs and creative professionals born under the “perpetual beta” principle. Betahaus is an open code, undone, incomplete and always changing. Composed of many international and multidisciplinary personalities, it creates a separate world within Gracia, Barcelona. A meeting place, a creative source, a place for networking, a community. 

This article was written by Dārta Legzdiņa.
Dārta is a visual and audial artist, a creative writer and a translator with a degree in Multimedia Communication from Riga Stradins University. She has worked in PR, entertainment, event management, hospitality and coworking. By being an artist and a singer-songwriter she recognizes the creative threads that guide each creative’s journey. So she is passionate about helping these creatives reach a wider audience.