La Fiesta de las Letras: «The creativity workshop» by What’s Art Collective

‘LA FIESTA DE LAS LETRAS’ was an afternoon of collective creation. A big workshop that introduced the key concepts and methodology of What’s Art Collective and its first audiovisual content in #whatsartnyc : An experiment of collective creation that talks about the main conflicts of the creative soul. This was a project created together by many friends, under the direction of Ms. Balloon – Johanna Escobar 🎈

It was a collaboration between many multidisciplinary artists who came together to do live paintings and create their own definition of the “creative soul”. #WHATSARTNYC
Art, tapas, music and bodypainting – open to everyone who wished to participate! 

The collaborators: 

 Joan Adrover – Art & Disseny


Perrine Honoré

Adrià Cordellop

 Johanna Escobar

Daniela Adamez

Paz ‘El alma creativa’ marco teórico. Paz Gonzalez Anta

 Paula Costantino ‘LIVING DE IMPULSIÓN’

Photo corner by Beli Klein 💥

LIVE PAINTING Workshop ‘Skin is the new canvas’ by Claudia Sahuquillo

“Autoedítate”: Table with postcards and stamps to create your own inspirational message.

Trashlettering: Table to create your own recycled brush and test your handwriting! Inspired and supported by Angel Garrido 

Digital Lettering: Digital creation table for #WHATSARTCOLLECTIVE (choose a phrase and contribute to the documentary with your art)