Small Content for Big Brands: Events by Ms.Balloon in Betahaus



Betabeers is a fun social event that for 9 months was carried out at betahaus by Ms.Balloon Studio. It is hosted monthly for the beta-community. Over time it has become a tradition and a community-bonding activity, where new members have the chance to meet old members, network and build fresh connections.

It is also an event that brings together the whole “beta-family” since ex-members are also more than welcome to attend. 

During the 9-month period, many different branches of #Betabeers were carried out and new aspects added to the already social and bubbly concept: 

  • Betabeers featuring new and key members of the community like “Kaospilot” – 30 design students from Denmark or new members of the Beta-Equipo. 
  • Betabeers Showcase: a casual activity where a few of the successful members showcase their companies/ projects and themselves. The members showcasing had a few informational posters set up around the space in the Beta Cafe, allowing members the opportunity to read about those showcasing and speak with each participant.  
  • Betabeers Bear Pong Tournament featuring and supported by Fleksy @fleksykeyboard: a smart keyboard app for Android and iOS and a proud Betahaus member.

  • BetaAwards edition with different nomination-related activities, games curated by Kaospilot Design School and flash mob dances. 
  • Betabeers Drink & Draw edition in collaboration with What’s Art Collective 


Linkedin point 

A social and professional networking event to exchange ideas, learn more about the possibilities Linkedin has to offer in the job market, improve the professional profiles by creating a captivating summary as well as managing, correcting and sharing reviews.

Linkedin is the world’s largest social and professional network with nearly 660+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Its vision is to create economic opportunities and connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Linkedin is the top network professionals nowadays use in the pursuit of finding new work opportunities, employees and developing professional contacts. 


Professional Speed Dating 

Beta Professional Speed dating was a networking opportunity for creators, entrepreneurs and small businesses. It was held as a community activity for the members of betahaus with the chance for guests to enter the conversation.

The main objective of the event was sharing professional profiles, discussing favorite apps to boost productivity, sharing ideas and exchanging contacts in order to create new collaborations. 

It was a good opportunity to create partnerships between Beta members, find potential business associates and freelancers to join your entrepreneurial cause.


Pool Party 

A community-bounding activity organized in the midst of the summer. A quest to grasp the best of what the weather can offer and build bonds between co-workers sharing an office space. “Grab your swimsuit and come chill with the BetaCommunity!”
The Beta Pool Party was the biggest Fiesta of the summer with DJs, BBQ, drinks and food! Organized by Ms.Balloon in collaboration with the betahaus barcelona team.