WhatsArt 3rd Artist in Residence XAVE creates a captivating mural to uncover the heart of betahaus Barcelona

For the last 3 months, Betahaus in collaboration with What’s Art Collective hosted an artist who completely transformed the Beta Kitchen area – Xavier Sanchez a.k.a. Xave.  The extraordinary anthropomorphic mural is a testimony of the diverse world that exists within the walls of Beta. It combines many details and symbols that are present in everyday life. “The Beta Kitchen” mural uncovers the heart of Betahaus:  an open, creative, international, playful, joyful and multidisciplinary community. This was the 3rd What’s Art Residence project carried out in Betahaus coworking space and wonderful interaction between creatives and the community.

What’s Art Collective is the first initiative in Spain that explores the conflicts of the “creative soul”. It urges artists to create a cultural debate and educate society through workshops, talks and other practices. What’s Art Collective’s mission is to take artists out of their comfort zone to identify problems that can be solved through creativity. And through this program, the 3rd artist in residence was given an opportunity to experiment during the process of planning and painting. Xave took his first steps in changing the spectator’s visual percipience, and through this art piece invites the viewers to participate in an interactive 3-dimensional game of perception. [/vc_column_text]

Xave is an artist in all of its aspects. He is an Illustrator, a muralist, a graphic designer, a motioner and overall a creative soul that seeks inspiration even in the most mundane things.

He is a multidisciplinary artist. Born and raised in Venezuela – in a French family, but now based in Barcelona: the self-proclaimed capital of creatives. For several years Xave had worked in advertising and graphic media for many agencies and diverse clients in Venezuela, but “after a while, the space between Graphics and Illustration faded away and became a mixture of art, design, motion, and people. And my unstoppable mind took me to the other side of the world. ” 

He dares to try his hand at everything. With a curiosity that cannot be caged and a spirit that radiates warmth and humility, Xave brings a wave of positive and contagious energy everywhere he goes.

Did you dream of becoming an artist when you were a child?

Not sure that it happened that way. I think I just kept moving forward – doing what I felt was challenging at that time. And I never got tired of teaching my hand to create and become what today is my greatest instrument.

What are the most important things in creating artworks? Discover…Create…Amaze! (Firstly myself).

What are your sources of inspiration?

For me, inspiration is everywhere. In dreams, in readings, talks, and even in daily coffee. When you reach the source to everything and anything, you find inspiration just by connecting to it.

Which projects are the most special to you?

For several years I have been working with all kinds of people and projects, learning from every opportunity… never in one line of work. 

Projects that become challenging and projects that I share with others are special to me. They enable me to be free and creative. Perhaps, I can say that independent projects are more special than others. Small Kickstarter companies, altruist ideas, humanist movements, and so on… They are the most demanding and fun to engage in despite the difficulties because you are always learning. It is an open, strenuous and creative environment. I hope that all these projects will keep coming and filling me with curiosity and my pocket with the budget to continue creating. 

How do you create your art pieces? What comes first – the style, the concept, the idea?

I have never thought about it… But every art/ design/ creation process indeed has a structure. What is mine? First comes the concept or the idea. The rest follows… and finally, the style. It becomes my main footmark.

Right now I’m engaged in a ‘not-new’ methodology called “Cadaver Exquisito”. It comes from Dadaism. It’s a type of brainstorming during the process of creation. It allows me to interpret ideas while the artwork is still in process. It’s like my mind creates new ideas while painting or planning in real-time… It’s crazy, but fun. 

How was the experience working with What’s Art Collective and/ in Betahaus?

A very enriching experience. From working with different people, different cultures to the idea of moving my base to a new environment – new coworking. WAC and Betahaus opened an opportunity for me to experiment, and collaborate in such a nice project. Now I have some fresh ideas in “the drawer”, under my sleeve. 

What is the story behind “The Beta Kitchen“ mural?

This project comes from the wish to experiment and create a new platform for interaction. 

It is stepping away from the 2D perspective towards different “points of view”.

For several months I had the idea of an anthropomorphic artwork in mind. A wished to somehow involve the spectator in the space.

I started with the idea of creating a mural that can be seen (read) from one point of view, using the perspectives that the walls and columns provided. But then I found out I could add other elements and other points of view from different directions. So I mixed them all in a 2D illustration that could mutate as you walk around the room and create a 3D effect. 

What are your future goals and aspirations art-wise?

I have 2 short goals, first  – to continue developing the “Cadaver Exquisito” methodology that I’m working with, and second – to experiment more with the anthropomorphic ideas.

But for the future…to become a real Base-Nomad Artist.

If you could give life advice to your younger self – what would it be?

I try not to regret the past… but I think I could say:

“Hey you, yes I’m from the future… No, I don’t have a clue how to make more money, but don’t fool yourself, it isn’t richness that matters. You just need to go deeper into that creative new field and let your brain explore new and crazy ideas! Believe in nature, and start meditating!”

This article was written by Dārta Legzdiņa.
Dārta is a visual and audial artist, a creative writer and a translator with a degree in Multimedia Communication from Riga Stradins University. She has worked in PR, entertainment, event management, hospitality and coworking. By being an artist and a singer-songwriter she recognizes the creative threads that guide each creative’s journey. So she is passionate about helping these creatives reach a wider audience.